Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The following Quality requirements apply to all Fair Haven Machine, Inc. purchase orders:


1) All certification documents must contain the following: Purchase order number, line item, quantity in shipment, part number (or item number, part ID, serial number), and signature and title of authorized representative of issuing organization.  Raw material certifications will include description of material, material specification number and revision, and heat/lot number.

2) No changes to processes or specifications are allowed without notification and approval by Fair Haven Machine, Inc.


3) Suppliers are expected to maintain 100% quality and on time requirements.  Suppliers must flow down customer requirements to sub tier suppliers.  Supplier record retention shall be for a period of ten years unless otherwise specified on the purchase order. 


4) Upon request, suppliers must provide right of entry to Fair Haven Machine, Inc., a customer of the organization, or regulatory authorities to areas of the facility or supply chain involved in providing product specified on the purchase order.


5) Material Review Board authority: Fair Haven Machine, Inc. must be notified of product that does not conform to purchase order, drawing, or specification requirements.  Approval of disposition of non-conforming product must be received from Fair Haven Machine, inc. before product is shipped.


6) All parts must be packaged and handled in a manner that prevents damage in handling and transit.


7) All persons should be aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.


8) Fair Haven Machine, Inc. reserves the right to back charge vendors for shipping cots associated with parts or materials that require rework, reprocessing, or reordering.


9) The supplier is hereby notified that the delivery or use of suspect and/or Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Substandard Items (CFSI’s) is forbidden.  If suspect and/or CFSI parts are found in any of the goods delivered, such items will be returned to the supplier.  The supplier shall promptly replace with parts acceptable to the buyer and the supplier shall be liable for all costs.


10) If/when the seller determines or suspects any non-conformance on goods and/or services provided, the seller shall provide a written notification of escapement (NOE) to Fair Haven Machine, Inc. within three business days of when the non-conformance or suspected non-conformance was determined.


Revision History:

REV. A: Initial Release. 11/26/2019